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Good health is the best gift for mankind and one must strive for preserving it well. Today, as we make the promise of Swaasth Jeevan, we consider it as our utmost duty to ensure you with this, a precious gift of nature, with the help of Ayurveda. As an ancient system of healing and cure, the science of Ayurveda stands tall in the fabric of curative medicines for its holistic therapeutic value, its simple usage and zero side-effect attribute. Emami with Zandu products brings into your life the essential goodness of Ayurveda in all its invaluable avatars.

In today’s world, health has been redefined completely. From a mere state of ‘no-illness’ the concept of health has evolved as a function of our overall lifestyle. Also, we attach notions of happiness and beauty with health today, which was not the case in earlier period. Thus, not only diet, but fitness of our body, and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being have come to constitute the index of health.

  • Mission: Swasth Jeevan Ka Waada
    In this endeavor, acquisition of Zandu has further given wings to our dreams with its rich treasure of health products based on the principles of Ayurveda. Using about 200 medicinal plants and their extracts, Zandu produces a range of over 300 health promoting products holding the key to health and longevity.
  • Ayurveda to meet the challenge of changing lifestyle demands and modern healthcare
    Zandu products are the ultimate answers to pain reliefs with its balms and gels which can address a hamstring injury or a back pain right away with zero negative upshots.
  • Zandu serving humanity since 100 years -
    In the year 1864, following the doctrine of Ayurveda, he set up a “Rasa Shala” to manufacture products from nature underlining the creation, preservation and restoration of health and the promotion of longevity. ‘Zandu’ owes its origin to him. It was his grandson Shri Jugatram Vaidya who brought Zandu products into commercial fold in 1910; and since then there has been no looking back.

    Zandu has been serving people for over 100 years across various health facets. All our efforts are in the direction of showcasing Ayurveda in its real grace by capitalizing on the opportunity and serving humanity in the process.
  • State of the R & D facilities and exceptional panel of Ayurvedic experts
    First-of-its-kind world class R&D centers across key geographical locations are relentlessly striving towards newer knowledge extracted from the best of ayurvedic science; equipments like High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer, Gas chromatography, Haematology Analyser, Blood chemistry Analyser and Automatic Absorption spectrophotometer do the value addition to stringent quality control for each product manufactured. Zandu R & D is backed by a team of brilliant research scientists and guided by expert panel of Ayurvedachariyas - dedicated towards highlighting the usefulness of Ayurvedic herbo-mineral products by scientific.
  • Ayurveda: Immense prospect –
    Ayurveda, being an ancient health care system, holds huge potential for its medicinal value. However, with Zandu’s intervention, we hope Ayurveda finds it’s much deserved place in the web of sustainable health care system. At a time when the world is increasingly getting back to the basics, Ayurveda is the answer to mankind’s overall health hazards, and we in Emami Ltd. are fully dedicated in making this classical way of life an integral part of human existence.
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