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Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. was named after venerable Mahatma Zandu Bhattji to whom it owes its origin.

Zandu Bhattji's real name was Karunashankar; he was the son of legendary Vaidya Vithal Bhattji, a personal physician to Ranmal, the then King of Jamnagar. He was very accurate in diagnosis of diseases and also intelligent and learned. Therefore, those who learnt Ayurveda from him have become famous among Ayurvedic Physicians e.g. Shri. Raghunathji Indraji, the author of Nighantoo Sangrah and Shri.Bawabhai Achalji, a very well known personality among the Vaidyas, who were co-students of Zandu Bhattji; all of them learnt the art of Ayurveda from Vithal Bhattji.

After Jam Saheb, the King of Jamnagar was satisfied with the ayurvedic medicines prepared by Shri Zandu Bhattji, he gave the latter a piece of land on the bank of Rangamati River in Gujarat for preparing medicines there. This was the oldest factory manufacturing Ayurvedic drugs, established about 147 years ago from this date (Ras-Shala was established by Zandu Bhattji in August 1864 in Jamnagar).

Mahatma Zandu Bhattji

The drug in the making.

Zandu Bhattji used to employ learned Vaidyas for the preparation of drugs and treatment of patients. Chyavanprash-avaleh, Arogyavardhini, Vidangtanduprayog and Samsamani are standard preparations whose specific effects in some diseases were proven by him for the first time.


Grandson of Shri Zandu Bhattji took this tradition of Ayurveda forward. Shri Jugatram Vaidya had great knowledge of chemistry and pharmacy. While working under Professor Lee in the Chemical Laboratory at Rajkot, he dreamt of starting an Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Industry to manufacture Ayurvedic medicines strictly following standard books like Charak, Sushrut, Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Sarangadhar etc. With modern technology this dream came true with the birth of the Zandu Pharmaceutical Works, founded by him in October 1910 as a private concern. 


The company started gaining popularity with its various products from the very beginning. Within a decade, it started finding it difficult to meet the growing demands of the market, and the need for more capital investment was urgently felt. Hence on 10th December1919, Zandu was converted into a Public Limited Company.

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