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Zandu’s greatest strengths have been the research, study and innovation based breakthroughs in contemporary sciences and healing. Zandu works primarily with conventional Ayurvedic products. The R & D department is focused mainly on quality control, standardization of the products and product development

  • In 1957, a separate laboratory on modern line was established. Later on it was recognized by the Department of Science and Technology Government of India.
  • With the valuable help of talented and dedicated scientists Zandu from time to time develops high quality herbal preparations.
  • Zandu’s Research and Development activities are dedicated towards highlighting the usefulness of Ayurvedic herbo-mineral products by scientific studies and validation of the same.
  • Zandu’s constantly endeavours to bring the benefits of Ayurveda to the common man through modernization and research. Our R & D efforts led to the development of a standardized formulation for HP-200, now popularly known as Zandopa. This natural herbal remedy has plays a vital role in the treatment of Parkinsonism.
  • Zandu recently laid special emphasis on international operations. Zandu’s Ayurvedic Herval Health Care products are available in all international markets including the USA, parts of Europe, South East Asia and Africa.
  • It also pays paramount importance to its quality, which mainly covers two areas – Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
  • A state of the art, high end multi storey Research & Innovation Centre, spanning more than 30,000 sq ft, is created in Kolkata. The centre encompasses product innovation development, product processing science, competitive intelligence cell, analytical development, perfumery science, quality assurance and packaging development.
  • For decades we have worked in partnership with universities, startups and suppliers. These relationships are now richer and more productive than ever. The constant innovation stream we deliver is founded in our past and created to strengthen the future.
  • The Group now encompasses a Competitive Intelligence Cell, which monitors the effectiveness of current operations, competitors’ perceptions, competitor capabilities and medium to long term market prospects. The same is done under the strategic, tactical and counter intelligence sub-sections.
  • We are also keenly focused on strengthening its presence in global markets and hence are taking active part in tapping the consumer habits, attitudes and newer insights for product development.
  • Zandu bring to consumers, products that are of the highest quality and safety and is non-negotiable. R&D is also critical in ensuring regulatory compliance of all international products.
  • The Research & Innovation team has strong in-house skills in basic sciences and Ayurvedic science.
  • We are constantly at the cutting edge of science and technology, deploying this in our products, packages and services. Hence, we undertake an ever increasing number of clinical trials, proving scientifically that our innovation fulfill promises.
  • Finally, Zandu boasts of a team of enthusiastic professionals who are skilled in all the functional areas of management.


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