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English name: Cutch Tree, Black Catechu
Hindi name: Khair
Sanskrit name: Gayatri
Latin name:Acacia catechu Willd Pennel

A moderate sized tree with dark yellow inflorescence commonly growing throughout Sub-Himalayan belt and northeastern states of the country. Ayurveda uses wood and bark of the tree for various formulations.


Cutch tree finds its major application in the treatment of skin and respiratory problems more in particular, of allergic origin. Also, it is used as an important constituent for maintenance of oral hygiene and also as local treatment for bleeding injuries as styptic agent by virtue of its astringent properties.

Chemical composition

Wood has a large quantity of the tannins, catechu-tannic acid, catechin, gum and quercetin. Catechu-tannic acid occurs as a dark reddish-brown powder, which oxidizes in the air.


Effect on dosha

Pacifies Kapha and Pitta

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