Herbal garden

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English name: Spiral Flag
Hindi name: Kebu, Kemuk, Kemua
Sanskrit name: Kemuka, Kembuka, Kebuka, Kembu
Latin name:Costus speciosus (Koeing) Sm. Pennel

A perennial shrub with brilliant red coloured flowers cultivated in gardens as ornamental plant and also found growing in fallow lands.


Kemukha is primarily used by Ayurveda in the treatment of disturbances in lipid metabolism like obesity, hyperlipidaemia. It is also considered useful in the management of diabetes. It is thought to cause contraction in the uterine muscles. Therefore, has also been used to correct irregular menstruation and during parturition.

Chemical composition

Tubers have a large amount of starch. Diosgenin and tigogenin, dioscin have been isolated from the rhizome.


Effect on dosha

Balances kapha and pitta

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