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English name: Coriander fruit
Hindi name: Dhaniya
Sanskrit name: Dhanika, Dhanya, Vitunnaka, Kustumburu
Latin name:Coriandrum sativum Linn Pennel

An annual herb cultivated extensively in many parts of world as a spice crop. Leaves and fruits of the plant have medicinal properties too.


Fresh leaves and seeds have been an integral parts of Indian dietetics. Chopped leaves and powdered coriander are used for garnishing various food items in India. Primarily both of them have a significant effect on the digestive process. Coriander prevents flatulence and controls spasmodic pain. Extract of coriander seeds has a marked antispasmodic activity.

Chemical composition

Fruit contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Leaves are reported to be a good source of vitamin C and carotene. The odor of the fruit is due to an essential oil (coriandrol) present in it. This oil possesses linalool and pinene.


Effect on dosha

Balances thridoshas

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